11 things about mobile phones that most of us ignore

11 things about mobile phones that most of us ignore

Mobile phones are an integral part of our daily lives, yet there are many facts and truths that many are often unaware of. The most important fact is to use a phone case – θήκες κινητών – for its protection.

1. The first call

Most believe that there were no cell phones before the 90’s. But the truth is that the first call was made much earlier, in 1973 by former Motorola investor Martin Cooper.

2. Mobile phones for a few

The first mobile phone, available for sale, came on the market in 1983. Accessories for a few as it cost around $ 4000 despite its large size. Also at that time the mobile networks were in their infancy, so do not imagine that they had a terrible signal.

3. Unlock

On average, Smartphone users lock and unlock their phone 110 times a day! There are so many that make you wonder why we lock it up from the beginning.

4. Applications

With so many smartphone apps out there, it makes sense to assume people are downloading them like crazy, right? And yet the truth is that 65% of smartphone owners do not deal at all with the issue of applications…

5. Malware

If you have an android phone and you often download content from the internet, be careful! 99% of mobile malware is made to attack Android operating system.

6. Germs

Our phone comes in contact with our hands all day, and we inevitably touch it often without washing it. So it is not surprising that our mobile phones are an incubator of germs. To put it another way to better understand it. The button from a toilet bowl has 18 times less germs than our phone… even if we touch it on our rose cheek to talk!

7. Health hazards

There has been a growing concern in recent years about whether cell phones cause brain tumors. They are also known to cause insomnia, confusion and even headaches as well as back problems. Click here to read how you can fight the effects on your eyes and sleep.

8. Mobiles & addiction

Many would also sell their mother so as not to live without a cell phone. 47% of Americans say they can not live without their phone. In fact, in recent years, a large percentage suffer from nomophobia, which in essence is a fear and anguish to be somewhere without a cell phone or without a signal. Imagine how terrifying it is to use a prepaid phone!

9. Charging methods

With modern cell phones lagging behind in terms of battery life, many are trying to solve the problem with different ways of charging. We have seen power banks, solar chargers or even a crank charger in the past but scientists claim to have found a new way of charging using urine. I’m not sure how popular it will be, but don’t be surprised if you see a similar product on the market soon…

10. Mobile Vs Computer

In China, mobile phones are already used more by computers for internet access, although the country has strict internet censorship. The trend is expected to be followed in all countries in the near future.

11. Power Bank

Power banks are small portable devices that allow us to charge our device when needed. Below we list the basic features of Power banks as well as how we should choose the right one to meet our needs.

Battery capacity

The main feature of Power Banks as mentioned above is their capacity. We should evaluate the use we will make and choose the appropriate one that will meet our needs and will be in a convenient size. The numbers written on the Power Banks are their capacity in mAh (milliampere hour). For the correct choice of Power Bank, we must check the capacity (in mAh) of the battery of the device we have and we want to charge and select the appropriate Power Bank.

Number of USB outputs

There are Power Banks that have more than 1 USB port for charging 2 devices at the same time. This is another criterion for choosing the Power Bank we want.

Charging speed

An important criterion for choosing a Power Bank is their charging speed. As you know, Power Bank is an accessory that gives us the ability to charge our device when we are not near a power supply. But we have to charge the Power Bank whenever we find a power supply, which means that a quick charge is necessary.

Manufacturer – Certification – Warranty

There are many types of Power Bank which are supplied by various manufacturers. We must be careful when choosing it as many portable chargers do not meet the specifications of good construction and do not have the necessary certificate. Also, many companies deceive consumers by stating that the Power Bank is large capacity, when in fact it is smaller. In order not to be deceived, you should choose Power Bank from well-known manufacturers, who will give you a guarantee of proper operation, like Thikishop.gr that has all kind of gadgets a mobile phone needs. Phone cases, Power Bank, Bluetooth speakers and many more.

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