3 escorts share their sex stories!

3 Athens escorts shared their sex stories with our magazine. Read their thoughts and feelings… and travel with their stories!

Everyone has their secrets! Something that is forbitten for you is the greatest fantasy for another. Sexual boundaries are different, but many of us have a hidden fantasy about an act we would never do – an act that is too offensive, humiliating, unpleasant, or even a taboo for most.

“Relaxing sexual boundaries can cause arousal that fuels other aspects of our life,” say escorts athens.

3 escorts reveal what led them to make the sexual leaps they had sworn they never would.

1. “I had an extramarital affair

What happened:Chris and I got married in a fairytale ceremony, when I was 23 years old“, remembers Marta, 29 years old. “I was fascinated by all these romantic images and I was sure that I would live happily with him forever. Even though my dad cheated on my mother, I was sure that would not happen to us.

However, the marriage quickly presented problems and their sex life quickly cooled down. “He always had an excuse for his lack of desire,” says escort Marta. He was tired or stressed at work. He did not like to have sex in the morning – nothing. At one point I cried and said: “What problem do I have and you do not want to have sex with me?” One weekend he went with some friends to a concert in another city. “I felt so alone,” she says. “I think I knew that if the opportunity arose to deceive him, my resistance would be minimal.”

And then, I met George. “He was cute and he flirted with me. In the middle of a song he kissed me. That night, we went even further.

How she felt: “My decision to divorce had nothing to do with the fact that I wanted to be with George. “It just helped me realize that I wanted to leave this marriage.” Six months later, Marta and Chris divorced.

About 15% of married women have had a sexual partner apart from their husband at some point in their lives, according to the Sex in America review. “An extramarital affair is not always the cause of a marital breakdown. But it is an important symptom of its decline,” say escorts in greece.

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Although infidelity condemns marriage, it can sometimes strengthen the relationship. “If you are facing significant problems in your marriage and you are both determined to save it, the extramarital affair can be an opportunity to re-establish your trust,” she said. Indeed, about 35% of marriages remain intact after infidelity, according to David Baras, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Washington.

However, he warns, “if you are tempted to have an extramarital affair, you have to decide if you want to improve your marriage, have a meaningful relationship or be alone so that you can see your goals and work on your self-esteem “.

2. “I underwent laser vaginal reconstruction

What happened: Niki, 29, had a partner who kept telling her how beautiful she was, but she never felt that way. “I was timid because of the excess skin around my vagina. He was constantly infecting me and sex was painful because of the irritations – I had to wear a uniform afterwards.” She asked a couple of gynaecologists if there was anything I could do, but their response was, “Why don’t you accept yourself?” But it was not just a matter of vanity. It affected my quality of life. ” Niki heard about doctors who underwent laser vaginal reconstruction. She called one of them and immediately planned the operation.

How she felt:When I looked in the mirror immediately after the operation, I cried,” she says. “It simply came to our notice then. It took 6 weeks for the stitches to fall and the swelling to go away and it hurt, but the thought “What did I do?” Never crossed my mind. I would do it again.

Surgeries like this are becoming more and more popular. The number of vaginal reconstruction surgeries increased by 30% between 2010 and 2020, the first decade that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons monitored such surgeries.

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If a woman has a physical problem that can be solved with surgery, no one can disagree with her. I understand women who want to feel better, but I’m also worried about our culture. “Society is exploiting women’s insecurities to push them to undergo surgeries that they may not need, which creates greater insecurity.” Leaving aside the motivations, vaginal reconstruction is a complex, expensive operation that takes about 6 weeks of abstinence from sex to recover and is not covered by insurance funds. Consult your doctor and talk to several certified doctors before undergoing it.

3. “I decided to have sex on a plane

What happened:Although I was hesitant to do it in public, my friend persuaded me to try it on the plane’s toilet,” said escort Angela, 34. “We were cramped and I laughed all the time at the strange postures we had to take, but never felt embarrassed.”

How she felt: When they came out of the toilet, they found another passenger waiting, who looked at them annoyed. “Maybe we would have had more fun – and passion – if my partner hadn’t been so scared afterwards. He wanted to be naughty and then he felt guilty.” Angela says she would have sex on a plane again, but with someone who has a good sense of humour.

4% of Americans have experienced it in flight, according to a survey by Durex.

Do you want to try it?

Escorts in athens advise you to make a specific plan with your partner:

When will you do it?

  • After the drinks are served or when the movie starts


  • In the comfortable seats of the first seat or in the toilet.

The most important thing is to see your suspensions after you take off. When you are conservative, you resist emotions. You hesitate to have desires and feelings that are not “right“.

However, inconsistencies are human characteristics. Yes, you may feel ashamed, lonely or that you made a mistake after your outburst. But you can also feel satisfied with more experiences. We do not need to make just one continuous journey of discovery. Sometimes, having fun staying home, watching movies and eating pizza together – that’s not a bad thing.

Instead of thinking, “I can’t imagine doing anything so bold!” better ask yourself: “Is there a specific reason why I should not do it?“. It is almost impossible to predict where life will lead you. Never is just a word, say escorts call girls.

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