How do I renovate my bathroom? 6 + 1 Tips to get started!

How do I renovate my bathroom? 6 + 1 Tips to get started!

Renovate your bathroom! Of course, if you have not done it before, you certainly do not know where to start! But Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου are here and today we will see together the most basic points to start renovate your bathroom! So get a pencil and paper, make a note and get to work! Renovate your bathroom easily!

1. Start with the operating system!

Carefully inspect and check all functional parts of the bathroom. This means seeing if all the electrical, plumbing and sewer parts are working properly. Then you know that you are on the right track because you do not need significant functional changes.

2. The layout

Are you happy with the structure of your bathroom? Does it serve you? Can you do your daily chores with ease? If so, welcome. If not, time for a change!

3. Renew in white!

And of course we mean the white goods, which in this case do not need to be white! Make the change in your bathroom that you always wanted, with the colors and styles that you like!

4. Tile or pressed cement mortar?

Both have their advantages, so choose wisely. The tile in the bathroom, yes, is beautiful and exudes a luxury, but the pressed cement mortar is very easy to maintain and costs less. So what is the best solution for your bathroom?

5. Bathroom in white or bathroom with color?

Without a doubt, the most common is white. However, there are many who dare to play with more intense, pastel and playful colors in their bathroom for a note of relaxation and lively mood!

6. Minimal options or exuberant design?

Things here are very simple and clear, because simply, it is a matter of character. Certainly the simple and austere lines are the trend of the time, but there are still faithful to the baroque and “loaded” design. Especially in more luxurious bathrooms.

Bonus Tip: Your budget does not have to be as big as you think

We agree that renovating your bathroom is a painful affair. But it does not need to hurt your pocket. Focus on the points of attention, spend your money wisely and purposefully and enjoy a brand new bathroom! How is this done? But of course with the Economy Bath Renovation Package from Apofraxeis Antoniou!

So enter the game of renovation, read, studied and with the aim and purpose to do the best for your home and bathroom! See all the bathroom renovation packages from Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου, and you know, you might be tempted for your whole house!

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